A platform-agnostic events manager for anyone tired of Facebook. Currently you can invite people through WhatsApp, email or Signal, with more channels on the way, like Telegram.


I’m renovating a narrowboat while living onboard, and this is where I write updates and post photos about it.

Slender UI

A component library for SvelteKit that works without JavaScript. I’m already using this in a couple of projects (e.g. Occasionly), but it still needs a website and updated documentation.


This is a tool to add a blog (or any collection, like a changelog) to a SvelteKit site, with the following requirements:

  • I don’t want to sign up for anything. No 3rd parties, no CMS, no login.
  • Turn a folder of markdown files into a blog, or a file.
  • Minimal setup.
  • It has an RSS feed (coming soon…).

This here website is patient 0, and I released it with some documentation over on GitHub. Jekyll was lovely to use back in the day, but I wanted something simple that I can plug into existing projects to post updates.