Listen at 1x

April 2024

There was a time I’d listen to podcasts and audiobooks at 2x. “Moar knowledge, moar progress, self-dev RA RA” I thought. Then it hit me: don’t rush. If it’s not worth listening to at 1x, it’s not worth listening to.

Overlooking the snowy alps, we stopped for lunch. Some friends and I hiked up the day before and spent the evening by a lake, under the stars with whiskey and French picnic food. There were 4 of us, including one Frenchman — Guillaume — and it started drizzling as we finished eating. My British ass got up to put a raincoat on and pack food away, but Guillaume? No, he was steadfast; taking in the view while he sliced another saucisson with his Opinel, he looked at us with a smile and said “I don’t like to rush.”

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