Walk (Unless You're Late)

Travelators are a classic case of 'CBA1.'

If you’re a happy user: why? You'll probably wait at the other end anyway, so… what if you got some free exercise?

Yep, people will overtake you. Yep, they'll think you're stupid. That's part of the point. Free steps and desensitisation to people's opinions?! Sign me up.

This applies to stairs as well.

Unless you're late, of course. Then you'll be running anyway.

  1. Cannae Be Arsed.

“You’re Making Me”

No. No I’m not. Nor is anybody, or anything.

Nobody has the power to make anyone do anything.

Only you can decide what to do. So decide well.

Fear & Apprehension

It hits you before doing something scary. Like when I went cycling ~2 weeks ago with no plan but to sleep on the floor.

And it’s hitting me again right now, 8 hours before jetting to the United States for ~5 months. Travelling around the country and without a plan to do it.

I’m sure slight organisation would take the edge off, but where’s the adventure in that?

Is & Isn't

What is, shall go.

What isn’t, shall come.

When you're at the bottom, remember to look up. When you're at the top, remember to look down. It doesn't last forever.


I bought a water bottle from one of the university shops; I needed something for cycling. This one bore their logo, meaning I could silently brag about my (expensive, potentially useless and short-lived) "higher" education.

Unfortunately, the bottle was dire. Diabolical in fact. And their logo was plastered on the side, so it reminded me of them and the shoddy product every time I saw it.

If you’re going to do it, do it well. Don’t slap your label onto a tenth-rate product. You can do without that water bottle if it’s going to be useless. The excitement will fade to disappointment, and is that who you are?